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Welcome to the OSINT webpage

This web site is developed by people working in the military operational Intell community in order to give intell NCO's and Officers a handy tool to help producing BAE, IPB and other military intell products.It can also be used as a search tool for finding background information for military and non-military related items.

Why this webpage

It was noticed that on many military networks a lot of information is available, but now days many information is also gathered by open sources like the internet. It was remarkable that there was no web page where, in an easy way, open source intelligence could be collected. Everybody working in Intell communities had their own bookmarks and in many cases these bookmarks are not shared. So everybody spend every day a lot of time for searching on the internet for the same information. That's why it was decided to develop this web site in order to give you a lot of useful links, related to the work in the operational intell community, like area information, weather, recognition, country's of interest, IO/NGO organizations, etc, etc.

How to work with this webpage

Navigate to the link-page. Here you will find a lot of useful links. The link-page is divided into many subjects, familiar with the intell work. Just click on the link needed and you will be directly guided to the wanted subject. to work even quicker you can bookmark this link-page in your web browser and set it as your default starting page.

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